My first encounter with an IC member...

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Aight so Ive been talkin to this chic thats an IC member for a couple months. She been saying she was gonna come see me and in my head im like yea ok we'll see. So the moment happend Friday, she flew in and showed up. Ill be damned

She looked just like her pics, prolly a little better in person. Feisty attitude but cool none the less. She was nervous as ? , gave me a hug shaking like a ? head. Calmed down after she realized I wasnt going to ? her.

She stayed for the weekend so I took her to a Hawks game, showed her the some of the city. We hit up a few bars, got ? faced and then the moment we both were waiting for......the sex. She's a small chic so I was worried she might not be able to handle me(no brag). She did so indeed, her head game was ehhh but not terrible. All in all I think we both were satisfied and had a successful weekend.

Big shout out to the IC and this down to earth chica that came to see me this weekend. ? is real


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