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Ok ladies, it's been said that we were too "soft" to make this thread, but I'm going to prove otherwise..

We're always judged and objectified on this site so for once we're going to turn the tables ;)

We're going to crown the"King" of the IC!!

For those who have seen pics of the Males who do you think the most attractive are?

For those who haven't seen pics just tell us who some of your favorite male posters are.

Males, feel free to nominate yourselves or drop pictures if you want.

Once we get an assessment of who our favorite Male posers are we will compile a list and then hold the competition.

Keep in mind that since most of us don't know how a lot of these dudes look, personality will be the major factor.

So ladies who is the funniest?

Best Personality?

Most intelligent?......etc

Males if you think your name or picture should be thrown into the ? feel free to do so

(We can be honest Ladies, please don't be worried about hurting anyone s feelings....let's just keep it real.)


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