Inventions U Think U'll Live 2 See

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What's some stuff that hasnt been invented yet (or developed fully) that you think you'll live to see? here's my list:

1. The Air Force has been developing a weather control system which is actually quite simply in its complexity (if that makes any sense). The #1 way to win a war is to have the weather on your side.

So imagine if our military could just make it rain when we needed it to rain. And create hurricanes when we need hurricanes. Why fight when Mother Nature can do it for you? I think in my lifetime Ill see a war where it starts pouring down tropical rain in the middle of the desert and by the time people realize the crazy conspiracy theorists arent so crazy its too late lol

2. A true lie detector. A way the brain can be mapped and hooked up to a machine to tell if someone is using their imagination to tell a story or using their memory.