Tall amazon hoe/Sleep Gets Knocked Out in Rd 8

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    Cain1 wrote: »
    So these chicks got a mass PM going?

    lmao..ya'll in there thinking of insults and talking ? ?

    Is it that ? serious? Please tell me the name of the 'coalition'..HOH? or did ya'll get a bit more creative?

    I cannot believe ya'll..lmao.

    I'm done.

    Calm down Kat

    Oh I'm good..I'm laughing at these girls secretly meeting in the ? to talk ? like we actually know each other.

    Do you despise the actions of a stranger so much that you need to privately gather to gossip on it?

    It's funny cause these ? would just as easily turn on each other.

    Interesting you had said this earlier.

    I wonder would everyone agree with your fraud ass? Coping pleas with Marley under "fairy protection", and yet on the board taking slick shots because your ? ass is scared to @ each female you were referring to as ? ? Oh, my bad, you mean, "Childless ? ". As if, having a kid gives you a badge of ? honor. That ? happens every ? day, b.

    Your jabs ain't ? , when you are not mentally equipped to handle conflict with any female poster on here because we are actually smarter than you.

    It's funny -- We actually had pity on you because we know you can not do better than what you currently post on here.


    Now, let's see you pop off now. When the facts are in your face. Like I had stated to the IC before, "I don't give a ? if you got a ? or a ? , if you're going to pop off to me, you'll get that ? harder than any ? I go on here."

    You called you us all,"? ", and I know who you are referring too; which is the, "secret ? society".

    Unfortunately, this ? is now gunning for you.

    To the ? on the IC, this is your lucky ? summer.
    @covet2 Karma has returned to Kat. :)

    enjoy IC

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    lmao @empress_ pressed ass. ? you're soo pressed you're hitting up every male poster on this site to get on your side. hoe fall the ? back.

    Next time you're interested in getting gully, ? name names.

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    That's SWIJ in that screenshot, he likes changing names a lot for some reason
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    It's cool to be a single moms tho...childless ? ....wtf..that ? don't even sound like no type of diss.

    That sounds like them old in shape ? ...
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    lechic wrote: »
    It's funny. When plap made the engagement ring thread for me. Yo ass was all up in that thread talking about you. Jealous ass. I asked @icecoldstew to delete the thread because you made it about you; like you do for every thread.

    Yet, you tell Marley that we, "? ", are jealous of her.

    ? outta here.

    You come on the IC for attention because Tar Tar doesn't give you enough affection. <--- Imma let you speak for yourself.

    Oh ? ..wtf.
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    Scust at this ? .
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    damn ? seems like its been brewing for a while
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    lechic wrote: »
    bignorm wrote: »
    ? .

    2 things.

    1. lol at having "drama free" in an email, when theres finna be drama.
    2. I'm not sure this Kai thing is gonna turn out the way you want it to.........

    you forgot number 3:

    Don't ? with Charlie.

    I already edited it
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    Aight let me get plap and p.r. Hold on don't post no hot ? yet.
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