Who are the most Blackballed athletes that come to mind...

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For whatever reason.... Certain players get a stigma and eventually get blackballed and phased to oblivion over the years... Lets name som guys who got that life right now

Terrell Owens (my personal favorite player of my time)
Allen Iverson (It was a wrap after his last stint in Philly smh, at least u can say he went out a Sixer lol)
Vince Young (no clue how he fell off and went broke at the same time, while not being able to get a look, he's been passed over)
Alex Rodriguez (he will be getting fuqd over until that contract flames out)
Amare Stoudemire (to a degree, with the melo-mare stigma not being able to play together will never get a chance to prove it again)
Chad Johnson (he fuqd himself lowkey, not looking too good for ma boy)
Gilbert Arenas (nba ain't messin with him after the amnesty waive)
Delonte West (he's reaching blackball status quick, he's still talented too smh)

I'll think of more later that's just a couple off the top