LOL. We Got people In Syria?

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I came across a Yahweh Wikipedia entry where it said that Amenhotep III the Egyptian Pharaoh was credited for the first historical reference of Yahweh and doing more internet searches I came across this site...

It is generally accepted that the term Shasu means nomads or Bedouin people, referring primarily to the nomadic or semi-nomadic peoples of Syria-Palestine. There are two significant hieroglyphic references in New Kingdom period texts to an area called “the land of the Shasu of Yahweh.” Except for the Old Testament, these are the oldest references found in any ancient texts to the ? Yahweh. The purpose of this paper is to study these two references and assess their possible importance in dating the Exodus account...

The Bedouin are the 'Black' aboriginal people of Israel that was droved out, cast aside when the Jews took over the Israel territory in 1945 but I had no idea that there was/is Bedouins in Syria. Maybe this is one of the main reasons they're trying to there that city apart?