Should the Israelis Seize the Temple Mount and Rebuilt Beit HaMikdash (the Holy Temple)

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Imagine (if you will,) that Saudi Arabia fell to a conquering army, however, the leaders of said conquering army allowed the Al Sauds to retain their titles and dominion over the people under that condition that the Al Sauds keep these muthafuckas under control. In exchange, the conquering nation will allow the Muslims to practice Islam and most importantly allow Muslims make the yearly haji.

However, Hamas and Hezbollah would be on that ? , some ayatollahs in Iran would issue a call for jihad, and the Muslim world would rise in rebellion to rid the Land of Muhammad of the infidels. Unfortunately, during the course of fighting the Al-Masjid al-Haramand mosque is looted and destroyed and that is left of Al-Masjid al-Haram is a doorway. As a result, this doorway is what the Muslims make their seven circuits around.

To continue on with line of thought, Saudi Arabia is conquered by several nation-states over the succeeding centuries, but there's still a Muslim presence in Land of Mecca, then a new religion takes hold started by a charismatic prophet. The people are feeling this new prophet, his teachings, and his philosophy. The prophet gains new adherents, some voluntarily, some by force, but this new faith is growing and spreading through out the land. Then this new prophet receives a divine inspiration of sorts. He sees his ? and his ? tells him how to lead his new followers. The thing is, the prophet receives this divine inspiration on the ruins of the Al-Masjid al-Haram mosque; However, revelation is so profound and is of such a major significance that a house of worship is built on the very site upon which the Al-Masjid al-Haram once stood, and as a result this new house of worship becomes a major holy site for the practitioners this new religion.

As the centuries pass the Muslims eventually regain control of Saudi Arabia, so my question is this, would the Muslims be wrong to seize the grounds of upon which the followers of this other religion have their holy site, demolish the house of worship and rebuild the Al-Masjid al-Haram?

For those who are ignorant of this part of history, the scenario I just described (with a few minor changes in details,) is EXACTLY what happened to the Jews, and this isn't based on Scripture, this is historical fact. Jews have been in the Holy land for three millenia. Islam was founded in or about A. D. 620, so Judaism predates Islam by 2,380 years, (assuming my notoriously bad math is correct.)

Information is sketchy on whether or not David built the First Temple, but what we do know is that Babylonians destroyed the Temple in 587 B.C. That's still 1,207 years before Muhammad pops on the scene. The Roman's destroyed Herod's, (the Second Temple,) the year 70, 550 and years before Islam was founded.

? love to scream and holla about how white folks stole something from somebody, (as if Europeans were the only people to ever win another people's lands by right of conquest,) here I have provided clear evidence of another people not only "stealing somebody else's land,} but commandeering other people's most sacred spot on earth, talm 'bout something of major importance pertaining their religion happened on that very spot, then building a house of worship on it. If that isn't some ? , then I don't know what the ? is.

If those of you who agree with the the Mexicans when they say they have a rightful claim to California and Southwest, with the Indians when they claim they have a rightful claim to America, then why don't you agree with the Jews when they say they have a rightful claim to the Holy Land? Is it because this is the face of Judaism to you?




? seem to have forgotten that Judaism encompasses more than the Ashkenazis and these people are Jews (Israeli citizens,) too.


and of course I can't forget the possible descents of Moishe


If you ask me, the Israelis are well within their right to seize the Temple Mount, demolish the al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of Rock, and rebuild Beit HaMikdash.


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    The people of Israel stole those lands from the Canaanites. And they are really amorites from ? uruk in Iraq.
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    The people of Israel stole those lands from the Canaanites. And they are really amorites from ? uruk in Iraq.

    The people of israel started off really as mixed group of people from all over that area after all they did start off as nomads.
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    Them crackers aint the real Jews! Theyre lying!

    @emperorrising how can you not believe in the Bible yet quote out of it?? On top of that misquote it? Even if you wanna say they "stole" it, what makes you think them paleface muhfuckas in israel today are the real ppl of Israel you read abt?
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    Judah Back wrote: »
    Them crackers aint the real Jews! Theyre lying!

    Let's say for arguments sake that they aren't. Should some ever the Jews be be able to rebuild the Temple. If I were a Jew, I'd want the most sacred site on earth rebuilt.