Senator Feinstein: "We cannot let Israel determine when and where the US goes to war” (!!!)

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not a typo

Dianne Feinstein, chair of the Intelligence Committee, called the sanctions bill "a march towards war" on Tuesday in a floor speech that was remarkable in detail and force. “I deeply believe that a vote for this legislation will cause negotiations to collapse,” Feinstein said, after thoroughly rebutting many of the claims about the interim deal put forth by the bill’s supporters. “The United States, not Iran, then becomes the party that risks fracturing the international coalition that has enabled our sanctions to succeed in the first place.”


Dianne Feinstein addressed this point more directly than perhaps any other politician so far. “While I recognize and share Israel’s concern, we cannot let Israel determine when and where the US goes to war,” she said. “By stating that the US should provide military support to Israel should it attack Iran, I fear that is exactly what this bill will do.”

Through the toughness of President and the patriotism of a few, including Senator Feinstein, who often is much more hawkish, I think we have averted the attempt to bring this nation to war by the current Israeli government and its lobbyists in the United States.

10 committee chairs in the senate oppose this bill and it looks as if Reid is not going to bring it to a vote.

Such a bill never should have been this close to passing. Our Congress has a big problem. Nonetheless, people like Senator Feinstein, who I believe is a strong supporter of Israel, stood up against this. On foreign policy and civil liberties, we often disagree. Nonetheless, she has my thanks for helping to avert war and allow negotiations to proceed. Senator Reid, President Obama and Secretary Kerry also deserve much credit.

dis bish is Jewish and practically Mrs. AIPAC so this is a huge deal that she would even utter these words. damn near anybody else would have "reasonable" Zionist ? like Jeff Goldberg on they ass about anti-semitism otherwise. Real Nixon goes to China ? . Its like Netanyahu is getting paid to ? up the U.S/Israel relationship, I swear. Dude seriously tried to publicly blackmail the U.S into a war half of Israel doesn't even want, and it blew up in his stupid face. Score one for the good guys.