Best Sports Characters in Movies

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Kyle Watson-Above the Rim. Once that ngga started spreadin his fingers it was a wrap

Darnell Jefferson-The Program. Deebo'd that ngga Ray Griffin's running back spot.

Joe Caine-The Program. Joe Heisman. Rehab in the middle of the season like its nothin. Drivin white bytches off cliffs. "Lets put the women and children to bed and go lookin for dinner'

Cochese-Cooley High. Cochese had had a scholarhsip...and then they kilt him.

Nutso-Above the Rim-Ngga was dunkin on rims set up on the edge of rooftops. You cant beat that.

Shep- Above the Rim. 'I cant believe my borther's this fukin weak..momma rockin back sayin o Shep, o Shep'

Jesus Shuttlesworth- The real life Lebron before Lebron. Shuttlesworth game>Ray Allen. Jesus was crossin nggas up.

Willie Beamon-My name is ? . ? Beamon... I got the girls..creamin.

Steve Lattimer-The Program. That roid rage had that mfer wildin. Rapin bytches and still make kickoff. "Staring defense! Place at the table! *[smashes head through car window]*

Where yall memory game at!? Add on



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    cole trickle
    and lol@alvin mack. this ? did have quotable for days
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    Clubber Lang (Mr.T)-Rocky III

    Moses Guthrie (Julius Erving) -The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh (Ask yo mama's new husband about this classic)

    Carlos Nevada (Richard Pryor)-The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings

    Phil Elliott (Nick Nolte) -North Dallas Forty

    Jake LaMotta (Robert De Niro) - Raging Bull

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    Clubber Lang

    Rod Tidwell

    That kid that pitched real fast after his broken arm healed, forgot his name

    Air Bud
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    The Icebox on Little Giants
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    G-Baby from Hardball

    Spike and Hot Hands from Little Giants

    The Bash Brothers from the Mighty Ducks

    Willie Beamon abd Shark Levay

    really to many to name bruh lol

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    Steamin willie beaman
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    Y'all wanna win put Boobie in
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    Jake LaMotta>>>>>>>>>

    And yall know that Darnell Jefferson in real life woulda been a 3rd down change up back for Ray Griff.
    They hoe'd that ? by making him play fullback, lmao.
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    ericb4prez wrote: »
    Y'all wanna win put Boobie in

    No lie I was just at my nephew's basketball game this pat Saturday and he said that ? . "Ya'll wanna win put JJ in"...I was half proud of him being only 14 and knowing that Friday Night Lights reference yet a bit disturbed he actually said that ? during the game lol
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    jimmy from hoosiers
    marvin buxton from the hoop life
    the waterboy
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    Neon Bideaux- Blue Chips
    Butch McCray- Blue Chips
    Ricky Roe- Blue Chips

    The Black Kicker-From the Waterboy

    Rudy obviously

    Henry Roengartner- Rookie of the Year

    Sip Rogers- He Got Game

    Draino- Sunset Park

    Cornbread- Cornbread Earl and Me

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    Tom Hanks from A League of Their Own
    Willie Beaman
    Pops Shuttlesworth from He Got Game
    Quincy and Monica from Love and Basketball
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    Wildthing was goat as ? ... also
    Yall got everything covered for the most part

    Did anyone say ricky... ricky had dreams, damn shame what happened to Ricky
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    Willie Beaman - any given sunday

    Jamaal Wallace - finding forrester

    Sidney Deane and Billy Hoyle - white man cant jump

    Rocky Balboa
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    matthew lockhart (bo kimble) in heaven is a playground
    omar gooding in playmakers
    shane falco
    rocky balboa
    ivan drago
    apollo creed
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    Miyagi turned water into wine with Daniel son
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    Oh ? Blue Chips and Sip from He Got Game. Lol Goat

    C/s Ricky from Boyz in tha Hood too. Ngga woulda been at USC wit Keyshawn n Johnny Morton.
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    That chick "the icebox" or some ? ...from the "little giants" big ass linebacker ass chick....she had the goal line stop on spike sad ass smh...? dude should ran over her ass

    Sydney -(movie may not fit the criteria, ? movie still about sports) but I can't even lie, dude was the 1st I see take flight on Dwayne Martin lol...