"Flabby & Sick" : The Official 2014 Philadelphia Phillies Thread

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And they took 33 games away from WPHL17 and put em on Comcast. Smh...but Big Bang Theory re-runs is probably more fun than following this squad.

Starting Lineup:

C – Carlos Ruiz (old)
1B – Ryan Howard (old)
2B – Chase Utley (old)
SS – Jimmy Rollins (old)
3B – Cody Asche (only until the Dominican Republic young boul is ready)
LF – Domonic Brown (after all that Cowboys fan ? talkin he did, this ? better play like Barry Bonds lol)
CF – Ben Revere (trash)
RF – Marlon Byrd (old)


Cole Hamels (injured)
Cliff Lee (cursed)
A.J. Burnett (lol)
Kyle Kendrick (okay)
Roberto Hernandez (who the ? knows)

"This is going to get real fun once the inevitable injuries start hitting the old man gang. The Phillies’ roster in May could make the Sixers look like a legit NBA team by comparison."

Three new signs in hallway from Phillies clubhouse to dugout: Respect the Game, Be the Ultimate Teammate, and Play the Game the Right Way.

Beats optimizing roster construction through the development of a healthy Minor League system, the prudent use of team resources, and taking advantage of the latest and greatest advances in technology and data collection. Because, really, what good is a 95-win team with a new World Series trophy if each player can’t look himself in the mirror and say, “I respected the game, was the ultimate teammate, and played the game the right way”?


Ruben Amaro Jr. is the most hated man in Philadelphia Sports right now.


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    im already done with this phillies season. dont even care if they have a good year this is fools gold.

    ruben is clueless and what makes it worse is he is ambitiously cluleless and delusional. team has been the biggest waste of talent and opportunity since 2010 and i've never seen any team much less one i root for throw out and slam shut their window of relevance so blatant and brazenly. Charlie Manuel should have been fired the minute Ryan Howard blew his acl in 2011