They need to bring BILL WALTON back as an NBA commentator

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Dude was hilarious on the real. Who agrees?


  • its....JOHN B
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    Bill Walton, Jeff Van Gundy and Tommy Heinsohn would be the goat team
  • T. Sanford
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    I wanna see Steve Snapper Jones come back.
  • its....JOHN B
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    "Memo to Paul Pierce and Antoine Walker: Couldn't you wait until at least the AllStar break to have the franchise suffer its worst loss in its storied history? Bill Russell just called looking for an address to send his 11 championship rings back to the Celtics because he is so disappointed."
  • blu197
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    lol that's all i think of whenever Bill Walton is brought up
  • marc123
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    Walton does some Pac 12 games for ESPN. Yes, he knows ball. But his random, personal and pop culture rants are annoying as ? .
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    ? tommy heinson hes annoying as ?

    Bill walton and snapper use to bicker like walter mathau and don lemon ? was hilarious

    I wanted to kick my tv over whenever he referenced "the great Jerry Garcia"
  • Lustchyld
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    blu197 wrote: »

    lol that's all i think of whenever Bill Walton is brought up

    Hell yeah
  • Tommy bilfiger
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    LPast wrote: »
    I remember someone shooting a bad 3...

    That is the worst shot in playoff history. - Bill Walton

    Or he'd say the worst shot in the history of western civilization.Walton was unintentionally hilarious It was Goat when marv,bill and snapper jones called games
  • TRILLip Brooks
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    “If Eric Piatkowski continues playing at this level, he’s going to replace Jerry West on the NBA logo.”
  • its....JOHN B
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    "Come on, that was no foul! It may be a violation of all the basic rules of human decency, but it's not a foul."
  • its....JOHN B
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    "If they ever get this cloning thing right, we can only hope they duplicate the good guys. The last thing we need are more Shawn Bradley's and Michael Olowokandi's. Or more people with the attitude of Gary Payton or the confusion of George Karl."
  • its....JOHN B
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    "On Larry Johnson: What a pathetic performance by this sad human being. This is a disgrace to the game of basketball and to the NBA. He played like a disgrace tonight. And he deserved it."

    "More Larry Johnson railing: Why would the Pacers ever doubleteam Larry Johnson? He wants to be doubleteamed so he can pass. Why is Indiana double teaming a man who only scores 8 points a game?"
  • zerocool
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    Bill is great....he needs to renew d espn contract
  • Lustchyld
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    man I'm bout to google up some Bill Walton quotes and paste em here
  • Elzo69Renaissance
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    He said Gilbert Arenas used to sleep on my couch on National TV I was like wowww
  • A$AP_A$TON
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    Walton was terrible. I got mad when he was doing all those PAC 12 games this past CBB season. Seems like he did every Arizona game.
  • dalyricalbandit
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    "in the history of Western Civilization!”
  • RXMasked
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    Walton had like a man crush on Steve Nash
  • prime_time_willy
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    I remember him getting on Tyson Chandler when he was with the Bulls and not developing a jump shot

    "You been in the league how long and you haven't developed a shot yet?? What are you doing with your free time young man. This is ridiculous."