Galactic Intangible Virtual Cannonball Heading Our Way

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Globular clusters ought to be lazy things. But one of them—made of 100,000 stars—is speeding toward us at an unheard of 2 million miles per hour. So, um, duck?

One thing we needn’t worry about is whether the cluster—which appears to have us in its crosshairs—could cause us any harm. First of all, even at its current speed, it will take more than 17.5 million years to get here. And should its aim be true and it collide with the Milky Way, it would pass right through since galaxies and clusters are made of far more empty space than they are matter. The cluster is thus a wonderfully harmless riddle that we have all the time in the world to figure out.

We're living in an intangible Milky Way kinda like a Virtual Reality.