what other players get the calls or non calls that lebron does

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In full disclosure I am an Knicks fan so im used to the team im pulling for loosing to start players ( I.E. Jordan)

How ever i rarely watch a heat game and feel like the game is called fare even when the other team wins
it seem like they have to have some thing great happen.

I like lebron i feel like he should spoke out more about the treyvon martin case but he went to work on that donald sterling ? .

let me also say that i am in no way trying to take away from how well the heat play. they are great team the attention to detail they have on defense is crazy and they hold each other accountable. againThey are a great team.

I just feel like as a team they are commited to flopping and break the rules and are rarely called on it.

some time its little things like to a man on that team the set the best illegal screens and like last night chalmers got called for that elbow to parker. if he dosn't fall hurt is that even called. I know lebron is going to get calls cause he a star but is the game being refereed fair.

Edit: i dont have a dog in this fight( nba finals) so its all good whoever wins tim or lebron. I have just havent seen many marquee match ups with the heat and felt like... o yeah they just a great team and the refs didnt get involved in anyway