Are we preparing for a real life War Of The World? ............... again?

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Seems as tho The US is just a tool for something bigger. We are props and lab rats for Mental Warfare. We all know society has always had issues like Slavery and Stealing Land and Human Trafficking and etc etc but lets not front like our society isn't falling apart.

We are products of Media, Merchandise, & War. Other countries including those that are in dire poverty are starting to become influenced by us thru our Technological and Medical and Financial Aide and its ? with them slightly too. But only those who have recurrent and consistant TV access.

I was thinking the order which we see is set in motion will be something like:

after the nukes go off and only few rich people survive

then times of "peace and recovery"

then rich people pay people to ? and capture people

then the bi-hemispheric human slave trade starts back up

A long ways after its the cool thing to do to be homosexual and totally fine for white people to use ? or ? with and around Black people

I believe history could repeat itself. Maybe this could be the first time something happens like this? Or maybe it happened before and that's why Jesus had to come down in the first place and next time will be his last. Which could be hundreds if not thousands of years from now.

Something happened a little over a hundred years ago and its been happening on happening ever since. All this Social Reconstruction, All this Technologies, All these Diseases (and cure and non-cures for them); on so on and so on.

White people don't possess a Gene that just makes them naturally more enhanced than any type of human in any type of way. Nah I can't go for that. I don't even think Black people or Asian people or ANY one type of people is THAT smart.

- conquer all major foreign nations
- make the greatest empire off the backs of slaves (irregardless of Color)
- build cars/trucks, trains, submarines, watercrafts, aircrafts, AND space crafts
- create "The Dollar"
- create modern science and medicines
- create diseases and mental illnesses and know how to focus in on particular Agendas
- create modern weaponry and the weaponry of tomorrow (Robots n ? ... literally)

And I could go on. All of this consistently year after year. Granted they had "free" labor to help them establish a plush economy, what does that have to do with being King Of The Jungle at everything?

How come this didn't happen in different Civilizations completely foreign to each other over time? U kno, like the similar stories of the Gods?

? just ain't addin up.

2000+ years of virtually nothing and then "overnight" in the past 116 years roughly we all went from Back Then to This Point? That's not even 10% of our whole time of existence. And yes I know certain mechanisms and ideas and concepts have been jacked but all of this in that little bit of time doe. ..... . wow


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    Daniel 12:4 tells us why we have seen the technological explosion in the last 100 years.

    Revelation 17-18, Jeremiah 50-51, Isaiah 13-14, 21, & 47 all speak about the soon coming total nuclear destruction of this present world order which is run by America and the dollar.

    After the old order is destroyed during world war 3, the new world order will be established. This is when the antichrist rules and the mark of the beast is issued. Revelation 13 speaks about this.

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