Protection of Our Civil Rights can be Acheived Through Think Tanks?!?

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According to this post on Hacker News this is how Think Tanks make money; basically by 'idea laundering.'

Ask HN: How do think tanks make money?
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I worked in that space for seven years. To put it plainly, we were paid to create ideas by entities and individuals who wanted a certain frame or perspective to emerge or persist in the wild.

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i understand generally what you're talking about, but could you elaborate or provide an example? i've always been kind of curious, myself

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CEO selects appropriate thinktank, says, "I run an oil and gas company. I need you to produce articles that are critical of global warming. Here's one million dollars."
Thinktank goes and hires a couple of global warming "skeptics" for $50K/year. They produce writings and speakings, which the thinktank personnel shop around to appropriate outlets for minimal fees. Op-Eds are distributed to newspapers. Pre-edited 5-minute segments are distributed to TV news programs. The media outlets are happy to receive ready-to-publish content for cheap.
You the viewer receive all this information against global warming from a "neutral, non-partisan" thinktank. You are likely to believe it. The name of the CEO's oil and gas corporation is never mentioned.
Money laundering is taking money from illegal sources and turning it into clean, usable money. Thinktanks are engaged in the practice of idea laundering.

A Think Tank that works to nullify all of the negative stereotypes about Blacks in all forms of media including the Whitewashing of our History in movies like Noah, Son of ? and Gods of Egypt etc... would be very beneficial for our future well being.


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    Yea But in order to have a think tank funded you must first establish an economic base.
    That is where their power comes from, the ability to pay for basically around the clock pr.
    So again the foundation is black nationalism
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    An economic base? I'm sure that there's a few wealthy individuals out there- Black/and other races- who would like to help out the Black community but do not want the risk of running into roadblocks like the uncle toms and other Nationalities that wish to keep us down. With Think tanks you can have some anonymity there.

    A million dollars can buy a think tank. A Think Tank can buy a media package which includes speakers and a History; a true History about the facts of where we came from not the commissioned bugus History of the past like the Egyptians were Black because of the Black fertile soil in Egypt.

    Despite what they say- what they put on TV in Movies and other media matters. In Quantum Physics it's called Epigenetics which is the environment we live in affects our gene expression.

    I we push 'Black Nationalism' the powers will just call us racists.

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    And basic common sense!
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    This makes it seem as though the only thing preventing white people from respecting Black folks' rights is the fact that they think those who speak in favor of them are biased and untrustworthy.

    The evidence shows otherwise
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    People eh, sorry Stylistics... Money makes the world go round