Can our DNA be manipulated so that we can live without Oxygen, Water and Ascend?

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This thread touches on information provided in the Black Roots Science e-book of which I know many don't agree with BUT according to the e-book the Elohim are in the midst of a project that would eventually eliminate Oxygen from the Earth this will inturn stop all of the wars because most guns, missiles, explosions cannot work with out oxygen.

This kind of shocked me when I first read it because we do not breathe or live without oxygen. Subsequently I did more research and found that oxygen have been steadily decreasing for decades.

Declining Ocean Oxygen Levels

Scientists have recorded a steady decline in ocean oxygen in open waters of the North Pacific Ocean of about 0.3% per year since the 1950s. This “steady decline in ocean oxygen levels was discovered among a roughly 20-year cycle of fluctuating oxygen that is driven by the effects of lunar procession on the tides,” according to Conners (2011) (See Figure 1 below).

Also too much oxygen is just as bad as too little oxygen.

High oxygen concentrations can also cause atelectasis. Air is about 21% oxygen and 79% nitrogen. The alveoli depend on nitrogen to maintain surfactant production and alveolar patency; when high concentrations of oxygen are administered, oxygen may “wash out” nitrogen and leave the alveoli susceptible to a lack of gas as oxygen diffuses into the blood, causing them to collapse.

Also there is a severe drought in California that's suppose to last for 100 years.


If what is written in the Black Roots Science E-Book is true and the Oxygen in the atmosphere will be phase out how will we breathe? Will our bodies mutate and adjust to no oxygen? I wonder if we could physically manipulate our bodies now to live off of less or no oxygen with stem cells.

This article says that DNA Manipulation and Gene Therapy can be used to manipulate our bodies to increase height.

Increase Height And Grow Taller Through DNA Manipulation And Gene Therapy

One of the biggest and most futuristic theories going around about the possible ways to increase our height has been the idea of using gene therapy through dna manipulation to allow for height increase. Here is what I can derive from the technology

The basic idea behind why we stop growing is that the growth plates seal from the human going through the natural process of aging, or senescence. At a certain stage in its physical maturation, somehow estrogen gets activated to start Puberty and after a certain amount of time after puberty starts, estrogen is used to signal again to start closing the growth plates. Well, it turns out the growth plates also go through a sort of senescence where over time in a human’s life, the layer of hyaline cartilage grows thinner and thinner, until one day the plate disappears.

With gene therapy, we can theoretically inject something on or in the bones and get the stem cells inside the medullary cavity to start to differentiate into chondrogenesis.

We can inject stem cells into a human beings in either a certain area and get that area to reverse in its senescence. We can change genes in the adult humans to push their physical maturity back in development to before puberty so that their bones can reverse into cartilage and they can go through another process of growth.

Harald of the Human Growth Research Initiative talks about the possibilities of using gene therapy for height increase HERE.

As for the use of gene therapy on adults it is still hard to get the technology to work correctly to be able to get either the entire body or certain body parts to reverse in aging or change in form and function to allow for height increase.

IMO oxygen is a major barrier for melanated people to obtain spiritual awarness through Melatonin. Oxygen is used in a lot of bleaching products and of course the color white and bleach is an enemy of melatonin.
What is Oxygen Bleach (OxiClean)?

Due to the corrosive effects of the oxidization process, chlorine bleach will burn skin and cause lung, nasal passage, skin and eye damage as well as discolour and rust metals, certain finishes and leave ‘bleach spots’ on surfaces when used incorrectly. I also feel it is important to note that chlorine bleach is seriously not good for the environment.

This is why taking antioxidants like pure chocolate/cocoa. Liquid iron, iridium, gold supplements etc.. is important because it conteracts the oxidizing process of oxygen in our bodies. But not only are the atmosphere is a deterent against melatonin our bodies are as well. When we sleep at night the liver and kidney in our bodies produce sugar. Sugar is composed of a number of oxygen molecules. And if you do not take a supplement like Alpha-Lipoic acid or Berberine your Liver will produce more sugar while you are sleeping than when you are awake.

So with all of these ? and atmospheric conditions inhibiting our melatonin production in our bodies I think it's impossible to ascend spiritually until these environmental factors are removed.

Maybe stem cells and Gene Theraphy can help remove those barriers in our bodies.
How can obligate anaerobe bacteria can survive without respiration of oxygen!?
Answer 1:
We tend to think of oxygen as being essential to life because it is essential to animal life. It seems strange to us that its irrelevant, or even poisonous to some species. The truth is that
oxygen can be pretty destructive because it reacts so readily with so many things. We animals get our energy by breaking down food. We use the energy to make ATP (the form of energy that all of our cells use) and get rid of the matter as CO2 (which we breathe out), Water (which we urinate, sweat, etc.) and other wastes. But theres more than one way to make ATP. The first bacteria evolved in an atmosphere with a very low oxygen level (0.01% compared to about 20% now). They probably broke down complex molecules for their energy and stayed away from the toxic oxygen. Their chemical pathways were different from ours.
Digoxin is a relatively safe, cheap and effective therapy for relieving recurrent symptoms in patients with congestive heart failure. It should be used as an adjunct to treatments known to reduce mortality e.g. angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors. The risk of digoxin toxicity can be minimised by using dosage regimens based on body weight and creatinine clearance, monitoring potential electrolyte imbalances and being aware of possible drug interactions. Particular caution is needed in the elderly who often require lower maintenance doses. Index words: atrial fibrillation, heart failure, adverse effects, dose regimens.

Digoxin is a relatively safe, cheap and effective therapy for relieving recurrent symptoms in patients with congestive heart failure. It should be used as an adjunct to treatments known to reduce mortality e.g. angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors.
Mechanism of action
Digoxin is a cardiac glycoside extracted from foxglove leaves. It is used in heart failure because of its ability to increase the force of myocardial contraction (positive inotropy) and, simultaneously, decrease oxygen consumption.


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    Also I think we can create a favorable living condition for Melatonin by creating a space or sleeping in a large room that has little or no furniture -some what mimicking the mind of ? which BlackRoots Science says is nothing but also everything since the mind of ? created the material World. This should make the room darker. As Above So Below.

    The law of creation is: As above, so below. By studying
    one, we will know the other, because what is above is
    identical to what is below, differing only in size. The laws and
    proportions are identical.

    When we say the mind of ? is nothing, that
    doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It means the
    mind is not a thing. It's obvious to everyone
    that the mind, or consciousness, is not a tangible thing, yet it
    is the source of all things.
    2. At the end of the previous universe, our ancestors
    expanded their mind beyond measure until it encompassed
    their whole universe. That process of expansion caused an
    apparent "contraction" of their universe until it was
    "reduced" to the size of a single planet. The universe was not
    reduced in reality, but when the mind is expanding, it
    appears as if the universe is "contracting".
    3. The apparent "contraction" of the universe was not
    followed by a big bang or any other kind of explosion. It
    was followed by a condensation process, where part of the
    expanded mind condensed in stages in the empty space
    surrounding the new earth, creating the seven substances,
    which eventually formed the new stars after many trillions of
    4. Now since space itself is a substance, it means the mind
    creates space at the same time it occupies that very

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    If they can figure out how to make humans live without breathing oxygen they can definitely figure out how to make deadly weapons that dont need oxygen to fire.

    Its like hacking. Companies and hackers are endlessly outsmarting each other its just the way ? goes theres never a one solution ends all its just a never ending battle that no one ever gives up.

    This ? sounds crazy btw
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    they already gave me chloroplast
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    Trashboat wrote: »
    they already gave me chloroplast

    Doctors gave you chloroplast as a supplement to improve breathing?

    The Tibetans and some tribes in Africa like the Maasai live in high altitudes where there's little oxygen.

    Scientists discover how Tibetan people can live at high altitudes: 8,000 year-old genetic mutation enables them to survive with less oxygen
    Researchers say Tibetans have a genetic variation that enables them to survive in high altitude, low oxygen environments
    This could explain how they can survive at heights of 14,800 feet (4,510m)
    The mutation is believed to have originated 8,000 years ago
    It gives them a selective advantage in their environment over other humans
    Finding could lead to novel solutions for diseases such as cancer
    Tibet is a high-altitude plateau region north-east of the Himalayas in China