'Nothingness' of ? 's mind is- 10^(10 to the 30th power) times 93 Billion light yrs across

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Black Roots Science says that ? 's mind is 'Nothing ' and everything at the same time. I guest that's the reason why they say a poor man will get to heaven quicker than a rich man because a poor man has less material things of this world than a rich man and thus he is closer to ? because he have nothing and everything at the same time because the mind of ? is 'Nothingness' and of course everything.

When we say the mind of ? is nothing, that
doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It means the
mind is not a thing. It's obvious to everyone
that the mind, or consciousness, is not a tangible thing, yet it
is the source of all things.
2. At the end of the previous universe, our ancestors
expanded their mind beyond measure until it encompassed
their whole universe. That process of expansion caused an
apparent "contraction" of their universe until it was
"reduced" to the size of a single planet. The universe was not
reduced in reality, but when the mind is expanding, it
appears as if the universe is "contracting".
3. The apparent "contraction" of the universe was not
followed by a big bang or any other kind of explosion. It
was followed by a condensation process, where part of the
expanded mind condensed in stages in the empty space
surrounding the new earth, creating the seven substances,
which eventually formed the new stars after many trillions of

Modern scientist have now updated the 'Big Bang Theory' to be a slow deliberate expansion instead of a big bang. This is exactly what Black Roots Science says.


Big Bang: Expansion, NOT Explosion
© Matt Strassler [March 16, 2014]

The Big Bang was an expansion of space, not like an explosion at all, despite what countless books, videos, articles and statements (even by scientists) often depict. Let’s look at the differences between an explosion of something into space versus an expansion of space.


And, after nearly 14 billion years of expansion since the big bang, the part of the Universe we can see — the observable Universe — is 93 billion light years across!

The unobservable Universe is about 10^(10 to the 30th power) times 93 Billion across.

Modern Scientist says the Universe came from 'Nothing' meaning Space without any kind of gases or any other subnstance including Dark Matter. Scientist stop short of saying '? ' but who or what else could it be?


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    Biggest void in space is 1 billion light years across

    Radio astronomers have found the biggest hole ever seen in the universe. The void, which is nearly a billion light years across, is empty of both normal matter and dark matter. The finding challenges theories of large-scale structure formation in the universe.
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    So... ? is a ? genius? That's why he didn't say ? when Jesus asked why he forsaken him... he was too busy playing with legos.
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    They been saying the Big Bang was a slow expansion. I've never heard it another way.

    Unless by modern you mean before the late 80's.

    Maybe it is ? , but you go back far enough people said diseases/plauges & natural phenomenon were considered done by gods.

    In 2000 years who know what we'll know.
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    I never thought we we apart of a comic happenstance.. the world is too damn complicated for there not to be an author a director a creator
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    Lab Baby wrote: »
    So... ? is a ? genius? That's why he didn't say ? when Jesus asked why he forsaken him... he was too busy playing with legos.

    You can tell a child's level of intelligence depending their ability to engineer masterpiece with legos.
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    Lab Baby wrote: »
    So... ? is a ? genius? That's why he didn't say ? when Jesus asked why he forsaken him... he was too busy playing with legos.

    You can tell a child's level of intelligence depending their ability to engineer masterpiece with legos.

    :(|) I never built those Lego pieces, I just manipulated my mother to do them and showed her how. I'm lazy as ? . If I wasn't lazy the black race would be righteous rulers of the known universe by now.
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    ATL_DRO wrote: »

    The point is that a creator would create tangible and intangible. You cannot measure emotional attachment or an idea and etc. But you can measure the tangible.
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    'Nothingness' of ? 's mind is- 10^(10 to the 30th power) times 93 Billion light yrs across

    This measurement is only my personal opinion. i should've amended my first post. I'm sure '? 's' mind is unimaginably bigger. according to Black Roots Science ? knows all things but have not experience all things.
    The Universe keeps expanding so it would make sense for something to contain this expansion hence- the Mind of ? .

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    I'll let ? tell me about Himself to be honest and this is what He says:

    "Who has measured the Spirit of the LORD, or what man shows him his counsel?" Isaiah 40:31

    "Who has known the mind of the Lord? Or who has been his counselor?" Romans 11:34

    No one can explain ? . ? Himself manifested in human flesh and people still couldn't understand who He is, even to this day!

    But thanks be to ? Almighty that He has revealed Himself unto those who come His way, which is the only way to the unapproachable light that no man can see. And that way is thorough Jesus Christ the righteous. Amen
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    Yahweh can be measured, the mighty space pirate.
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    Case and point. Amen.
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    It can't be understood since most don't realize Hebrew spirituality absorbs whatever it is around or defeated by because western religion is similar to pokemon. And then some people use remedial logic to prove it's logic and rationality.
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    Like Yahweh has a real body and part of the Elohim people. He is the Lord of the Elohim and known as Yahweh the Elohim in Hebrew logic. All the suppose titles of Yahweh are other Elohim who were over villages and cities. The Bible survived as long because of how it was written and mistranslated. And ps it was known fact Yahweh was married to Asherah.



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    Yahweh is the current King of the Earth according to Black Roots Science and his time is almost up. A King and Queen are chosen every 25000 years I think. The next one will be a Queen a female.

    A passage about space from Black Roots Science...

    For the first trillion years that the original Gods live on the
    first earth, there is no time. They know only in retrospect that
    the period of timelessness lasts for a trillion years because
    that is how long it takes for each subsequent star to form,
    and they all form the same way as the first solar system
    (except for the first earth). During this early stage the first
    earth is alone in absolute darkness. This darkness is called
    ether or space in modern words. It surrounds the first earth
    up to a distance of nearly 1 million miles, beyond which
    there is nothing. There are no physical substances beyond
    the boundaries of the universe. No physical bodies can go
    there. That region is occupied only by the mind,
    which has yet to condense into the seven substances. The
    first earth is totally still and dark. This absence of movement
    is the reason for the absence of time. Time comes into
    being the moment the earth starts to spin on its axis and
    orbit around the sun. The sun is the generator of time. But at
    this beginning period it has not yet been created and so
    time does not yet exist.

    Black holes
    7. They're called black holes because modern instruments
    cannot detect them, but can detect only their physical
    effects on surrounding bodies, including the effects they
    have on light. They exist in deep blackness because they
    have not yet formed an electrical and light substance. In

    addition, there's no ether around them for light to travel. So
    when light waves enter their region, the light appears to be
    'swallowed' into an abyss and disappears. It becomes
    invisible due to the lack of ether. Light can only travel in
    ether or space. Without it, the movement of light is inhibited
    and the light waves eventually disintegrate and become
    one with the magnetic substance. Thus these magnetic suns
    form a region around themselves of pure blackness, where
    only their magnetic presence exists. Therefore they appear
    to the telescope as 'black holes'. That is the first type of
    black hole.
    8. A second type is formed when a regular sun or group of
    suns have reached the end of their allotted time of
    existence as light orbs. They then 'evaporate' and their light,
    ether, and electrical substances revert back to magnetic
    substance. Such suns, when they become purely magnetic
    suns, usually join together with others in their vicinity and
    form a large invisible magnetic body, though not as large
    as the higher tier suns. They form a second type of black
    hole for the same reason. Those that do not join with others
    form a smaller black hole still.
    9. Other suns 'die' differently, not by reverting to a higher
    substance, but by condensing further from light orbs and
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    From Black Roots Science how leadership is passed from the King to the Queen...

    On the question of patriarchies, our society indeed did
    have patriarchies and matriarchies. Each one lasted for
    25,000 years, after which the entire society reversed all its
    customs and adopted the other system. This is because our
    system of government is set up in such a way that the 24
    Elders alternate when they rotate the leadership. In other
    words, the rule of each King, which lasts for 25,000 years, is
    immediately followed by that of a Queen, for the same
    length of time. So the people live under a patriarchy for
    25,000 to 35,000 years, after which they live under a
    matriarchy for the same length of time, because 12 of the
    Elders are women and 12 are men.
    I hope I've made it clearer.

    When a King hands over rule to a Queen, all the female
    Judges are trained for about 100 years by the Queen of
    their tribe and initiated into all the new rituals. The Judges
    then initiate new custodians of rituals in every town. This
    entire process lasts for 1,400 years, and is deliberate and
    meticulous. It does not involve any kind of strife at all
    because it has been going on back and forth for countless
    trillions of years, ever since it was established by the B8M
    original Gods. Now when the transition is complete, the
    youngest generation is raised under this matriarchal system,
    while the rest of the population continues to perform
    patriarchal rituals (except, of course, those rituals that are
    gender specific, meaning for women only or for men only.
    . Each King or Queen who rules the earth has to fulfill a
    purpose unique to him or her. No two rulers have the same