2014 Toilet Bowl: University of Texas vs "THE" Ohio State University

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who would win in this disgusting matchup?


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    And this made me think of that matchup from 2005. Vince Young and his offense versus A.J. Hawk and his defense. That was a good-ass game.
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    Whats the purpose of this thread @bignorm.

    This could've been posted in the cfb thread.
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    Actually, it was the 2005 matchup lol.
    I turned and saw BYU hang all them yards on UT for the second year in a row............

    and I live in Ohio now, so I don't get this OSU ? ......... ? apparently think that garbage ass program is
    one to be feared...........

    I was openly berated at work on Friday for saying ....... "VT aint gonna be scared to play at OSU, these ? have played USC, Bama, FSU, etc..........

    ? looked at me like I was insane. So when I suggested VT would cover the spread and had a good shot at an outright victory, it was over.

    so I watched those two teams in awe............ and thought:

    OSU, Michigan, Texas.... "it's so cold out here in Cincinnati"

    That's why the thread broham.
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    not havin B.Miller will cost OSU 3 TO 4 games this season.