The @GorillaWitAttitude Exposure .???

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...Hello IC . Everyone meet @GorillaWitAttitude . . .Well actually, his Name is "Reggie Tillar" .




. . . Brah Ugly AF right .?!?

Well Now we all have a Face to put to the Wack ass Posts . . .

He actually has a Heavy Youtube Presence Ranting and being a "Dancing Queen" , Like This :

He also Happens to have a ? Up Eye .
Cuh look like he got a Broken Headlight & a High Beam on . . . REAL Forest Whitaker Reminiscent .


....But it all Makes sense now brah , why you REALLY a ? , Why You couldnt pull dances at the Club, Why you Obsessed w/ Escorts & Prostitutes .
You a Facially Challenged Muhfucka .

...Do Your Parents and the IC a Favor and Dive head first into a Woodchipper .


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