Why do Blacks in South Africa need Affirmative Action?

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It makes no sense whatsoever to me. It's like a robber comes into your home, takes control of it and tells you that you need permission do certain things in your own home.
10 Years In, South African Affirmative Action Faces Criticism

JOHANNESBURG— South Africa is observing the 10th anniversary of the law that brought affirmative action to the workplace for black South Africans. The Black Economic Empowerment law - commonly known as BEE - was meant to redress decades of inequality by implementing quotas for black workers in South African companies. Ten years later, however, the policy has its share of critics.

Some say BEE also has deterred black entrepreneurship and has given black South Africans a sense of entitlem

Dumbest statement ever!! How can they not be entitle to what's rightfully theirs?