Coaches versus players? Who is smarter versus who puts more work and effort in?

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I really only know basketball (and boxing), so NBA players and coaches are the focus.
Do 90% of NBA coaches suck and basically shouldn't get paid millions or be an NBA coach?


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    It seems they know little about the game. There defense they always say is that the players have the power, but are they just not doing their job? NBA players aren't just basketball players. They are the best of the best among the best. Then on top of that, for most teams you have even the best players among the best of the best players in the world. Are the coaches even competing on that type level? Are the coaches excelling to the degree of matching the players that play for them in effort and investment into the game? When I think of the effort, workouts, physical feats, injuries, surgeries, mental on court battles, team chemistry, sacrificing one's game, post moves, variety of moves, help defense, transition defense, defensive rotations are just a few things players must study constantly and engage in during their careers. Do you think that the coaches who are over them are putting in an equal level of commitment and work into their job?? I don't. I wonder how some of the coaches have jobs, even some of the coaches that used to be players don't seem to put in that effort of really creating plays and conducting the team/game like an orchestrator. I guess I should define the effort and expectations of a coach.
    These are good coaches (Hawks coach, Spurs, Mark Jackson (was a good coach), Doc Rivers, Chicago's Coach,Memphis's coach, I want to say Portland because of how many injuries they always have but until Lillard passes to Aldridge I can't say it)
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    It's similar to the corporate world. Some people get the job because of their skill, some people (most people) get the job because of who they're friends with and who they know. The NBA is a fraternity, where they're plenty of people that have positions they're not qualified for or skilled enough for... and that goes for positions like the Scouts and Trainers, all the way to the GMs and Coaches.
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    Yeah, just thinking of guys like Steve Kerr walking in on an already made team that Mark did the groundwork/foundation on. Steve might be a good coach, but he might just be letting those guys do whatever they want. Also thinking about Iverson and Larry Brown. Larry won a ring and was a defensive minded coach, but what if Iverson could have coached and played himself like a Bill Russell? I think comparing some of the weak stupid coaches to the brilliant players that seriously some of these players (who already coach on the floor and the bench) could also just coach as they play and not have any assistant coaches or head coaches like Bill Russell. It's gotta be hard as hell listening to somebody that doesn't have no idea what they're talking about. Guess, someone could make a joke on that last sentence I wrote if they're an NBA coach; but really man, some of these teams don't seem to really have a strategy
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    Iverson had a green light to shoot and he practiced when he felt like it. He pretty much was his own coach with Philly.
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    I think of the major sports coaching matters the least in the NBA
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    yeah parallel, I watch a little nfl and I'd agree. At least their plays are intricate and played out almost every time 95% of the time and the quarterback's listen to the coach