nypd searches for attacker of female conductor, turns out to be nypd finest

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They NYPD called on the public to help them find an unidentified attacker, caught on subway surveillance video. The attack too place on December 23, 2014, early in the morning, when a female conductor was thrown to the ground by a plain clothed man, who then started choking her.

The attack happened on a platform at the Bronx, New York station, while the uniformed conductor was assisting commuters. That’s when an athletic, plain clothed male approached her and started screaming

Witnesses say that the man – who was later identified as a police officer – grabbed the conductor in a “bear hug” from behind. He then threw her to the ground and choked her, until a second conductor came running to her aid.

The NYPD asked for the public’s assistance in identifying the man caught on the video below… It turned out, he was one of their own. Only hours after the NYPD released the video on New Year’s Eve, the off-duty officer turned himself in at the NYPD Harlem station.

Predictably, no charges have been filed against the officer.

946 Precinct Assault 12 23 14: http://youtu.be/x-gBh41Z6_8