Lil Wayne sues birdman for 51 million dollars

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Lil Wayne kept to his word, and his filed a lawsuit against Birdman in an effort to get out of his contract. The other week when we initially reported on Weezy's plan to sue his father, it was thought that he'd sue for the sum of $8 million, plus freedom from the label. As it turns out, Wayne is seeking a bit more than just $8 million.

The lawsuit has been obtained by TMZ (duh), and it reportedly states that Birdman breeched Wayne's contract by withholding tens of millions of dollars he's owed by Cash Money as a result of the delayed album Tha Carter 5. Tunechi claims that because he's not being paid what he's owed, he's allowed to walk from their contract.

He's not just seeking his freedom though, Wayne's suing Birdman to the tune of $51 million, and he is asking the judge to declare him joint copyright holder of all Young Money recordings.

Apparently Lil Wayne was supposed to receive an $8 million advance when he began working on C5 in December 2013, and another $2 million after completing the album, however thus far he's received zero dollars.