NYPD Arrests Teen For Using “Threatening” Emojis On Facebook

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The New York City Police Department last week arrested a 17-year-old for posting on his Facebook page a message that included “threatening” emojis. Depicting an officer with guns pointed at his head, the post was enough for law enforcement to search Osiris Aristy’s apartment, after which the young man was arrested for possession of a firearm and marijuana. How the department discovered the post and why they though it warranted such a response remains unclear, but Aristy’s lawyers are pressing for more information. RT’s Alexey Yaroshevsky takes a look at the case.


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    Meanwhile ya'll trigger happy barney fife colleagues run the city tho and can't excercise common sense or judgment.#Black & Minority Lives Matter.
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    Aw ? police state in effect.
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    Thought police.
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    Nypd been searching online, its part of the same antigang taskforce that got bobby shmurda dem locked up. if you in nyc you need to watch what you post online especially if you are young
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    Pre crime, funny it came from a movie called "Minority Report" synchronicity or coincidence?
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    I love the police. U guys gotta remember, most cops are good police.
    My uncle is a police. my dog is a police, and my couch just joined the academy.

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    And meanwhile, I bet the NYPD cop that shot to death unarmed Alkai Gurley in the staircases last month will never get arrested, despite the fact Gurley was unarmed and was just walking down the stairs going home
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    America = Oceania yet or nah?
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    When will dummies learn the police surf Facebook, Twitter, and other certain social media
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    NYC is a serious police state. Thanks to Guiliani and Bloomberg. I remember seeing those Hercules team in Downtown Brooklyn 2 years ago. I was like tf these ? doing here? Anyway i am thinking of leaving here. High rent and an out of control police force is not where i want to be.
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    Misleading thread title and opening post: He was arrested for possession of firearms and marijuana upon inspection of his residence, not the emoji threat.

    The online post apparently brought them to his apartment, where they found those items. It wasn't mentioned, nor have I been able to find online, whether or not they used the online post as a means to obtain a legal warrant, or if they just showed up and 1) illegally searched, or 2) coerced him into letting them in to search.

    I don't agree with or condone the police tactics here, and its troubling regardless of which scenario I mentioned may have actually taken place.
    The purpose of my pointing all of this out is that I also don't condone misinformation being spread. People need to properly defend themselves against such police/legal action, and they won't be adequately equipped to do that if they are being given incorrect accounts of how such a threat actually takes place.
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    ^^^ I was about to give you the "no ? sherlock" response for stating the obvious but I agree with the last paragraph. Spreading misinformation can hurt your cause more than help it a lot of the time.