Born day salute to the 6th (and best) member of Bone-Thugs "Chrome Bone"

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That's right... "Chrome Bone" aka Sir Phillip Collins turns 63 today.

Phill Collins is a music GOAT, and adopted 6th member to Bone Thugs after their 2002 collaboration on "Home" where Bone sampled his original recording and he guest starred in their music video.

The video was actually shot and recorded in the rough streets of Switzerland where Phil resides. (tru story)
*shouts out to @deathrowzorrow

(YouTube police is hating on the music video claiming copyright laws so heres the link to dailymotion)

The name Chrome Dome was never explained from the original Bone members. But I personally think they all smoked some good Swizz weed together and came up with Chrome Bone based off Phil's Chrome-Dome.

Aside from being adopted by Bone Thugs Phil has left a stamp on rap music thru many samples and shout-outs.

Artists who have sampled Phil's In The Air Tonight...

Lil' Kim & Phil Collins - In The Air Tonite

DMX - I Can Feel It

2pac - Starin' Through My Rear View

Nas - One Mic

Doug E. Fresh-Ev'ry Body Loves A Star (peep the switchup at 2:10)

Cuban Link sampled and "chipmunk" styles Phil's track "Against All Odds" on his RIP Big Pun track...
Cuban Link- Take a look at me

ODB covered his hit Sussudio

Phil Gets shouted out in....
CRU - Just Another Case (feat. Slick Rick)

and probably most famous in...
Eminem - Stan

and the list goes on............

Cheers to Phil Collins AKA Chrome Bone
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