Will there be another female spitting this hard again???

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Especially in the mainstream… I know Jean Grae does or did her thing (not heard anything from her in years), but will there ever be a female spitting this hard again???

Lauryn had a CRAZY flow to go with her intelligent bars…

Would a record label even let a female like Lauryn drop and give her backing if one even existed??? They would probably try change her image and rap about some hoe schitt... They wanna make a chick look like a stripper and drop nonsense not knowledge...

Chicks could use a positive role model or rapper like her to inspire to, instead of idolising chicks like Nicki, who dumb themselves down for the media and poison their body with silicone injections…

Now as man, I love looking at chicks like Nicki.. but thats not the point of this thread haha

'Clef it kind of remind me of this chick I once knew
Use to be a dime now she’s strung out in Bellevue
See the serpent played tricks run game like the Knicks
Build you up just to lose the championship
I seen her reminisce over Wu-Tang could It Be that Simple
She lost her Prince cause there were Thieves In the Temple
Tragic depression made her lose all her teeth
Lost and turned out gave her body to the streets
Sweet Mary don’t you weep
Still water runs deep
So be carful of the company you keep'






2nd verse is crazy