Who's the better of the 3 today (barring injury)? Harden vs Westbrook vs Durant

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OKCheap will have to live with that ? decision of moving Harden for a bag of Pretzels forever... Dumbest GM move ever it doesn't matter how you cut it... But let's open plausible discussion, who is better of the 3 now today.. Sure Durant is the reigning MVP, though slowed by injury, all 3 have shown to be THE MAN of their teams...

KD is easy choice and RW is on some ? I never seen before but I personally think Harden is the best of the 3 now imo... He has carried a team by hisself to top 3 contention in dominating fashion and is probably the most clutch player in the league now, he can do it by scoring and facilitating... KD struggled without Russ in the playoffs, Russ is a fkn pit bull but he's shown that he can't win all the time although putting up crazy numbers he isn't as clutch either... This just my opinion, these dudes are all top 5 in the league no matter what but it creates a real debate... What yall say

Who's the better of the 3 today (barring injury)? Harden vs Westbrook vs Durant 83 votes

Kevin Durant
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Russell Westbrook
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James Harden
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