Wiz Getting Killed On Facebook For Asking Fans For Donations For A Friend

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Help out a good friend of mine and her family who just lost her crib due to a fire
Why don't you? Wtf you're rich af get outta ere
I'd they e sure h good friends of yours why don't you give them the money to start over ? You clearly have it to spare.
Famous people are fu*kin scumbags
You the one with the fu*kin money, spend a days money on weed and fix that sh*t ur self if u care so much smh
Sell some fu kin weed niggg.

News Report...
On Sunday, March 22,2015, Ravin Bean got up early morning and made the 2 hour trip out of state to visit a family member. Her visit was cut short by several emergengy phone calls from Pittsburgh...the house was ON FIRE. The family home of 15 years was on fire..... Every earthly possession up in flames. Nothing but ash and embers to replace the memories and possesions.
Ravin, just like a lot of us, are part of a growing group known as the sandwhich generation....those of us who have aging parents , young adult children , as well as a career. Ravin teaches full time at Pittsburgh Public Schools as well as owning/operating her own hair salon in the Swissvale area. This arrangement is wrought with it's challenges on a normal day. A day in this home is anything but normal...Displaced are Ravin's mother, who is currently in treatment for her recently diagnosed cancers of the liver, brain & lungs. Also displaced, is her 36 year old brother, who was born disabled and has required a caregiver throughout his life as well as her son and one of her daughters. This family also consists of two four legged members.

We thank ? , that all life was spared, but putting the pieces of this families life back together is gonna take a community. This appeal goes out to you... Thank you in advance for every contribution....