Cops beat the schitt outta surrendered man (after horse chase)...

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SMH Do the police not learn??? Why do these American police continue to beat, shoot and do whatever they want to suspects???
here's a stampede of investigators in California.

The FBI said Friday that it will investigate whether civil rights were violated during the videotaped beating of a suspect in San Bernardino. The suspect allegedly fled by car, foot and horseback when law enforcement officers tried to arrest him.

Earlier Friday, San Bernardino Sheriff John McMahon said criminal investigations have begun into the actions of deputies as well as the suspect.

In addition, an internal investigation has been launched.

Ten deputies identified as being involved in the case have been put on paid administrative leave, McMahon said Friday.

In video captured by cameras aboard a helicopter for KNBC, deputies gather around the man after he falls from a horse he was riding to flee from them. The video shows deputies using a stun gun on him and then repeatedly kicking and hitting him.

KNBC reported that the man -- identified by authorities as Francis Pusok -- appeared to be kicked 17 times, punched 37 times and hit with a baton four times. Pusok was later hospitalized, KNBC reported, citing authorities.

"The video surrounding this arrest is disturbing and I have ordered an internal investigation be conducted immediately," McMahon said in a statement.

"What I saw on the television was thugs beating up my client," said Jim Terrell, Pusok's family attorney, according to CNN affiliate KCAL. "That's what I saw. And these questions about what was he doing? What did they do? This is far worse than Rodney King."

The ACLU of Southern California issued a statement Friday saying that it was "deeply troubled" by the images.

"While we applaud Sheriff John McMahon's prompt decision to investigate the disturbing actions of his deputies, we believe more is needed," the organization said. "Too often the department has failed to address questions, including those raised by the ACLU SoCal, about use of force and Taser policies."