Paul Pierce on relationship w/ Ray Allen and Nets

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Paul Pierce sat down with ESPN on Tuesday to reflect on his 17-year career as he goes into the final year of his contract next year and according to him, his final year in the league. Discussing his time in both Boston and Brooklyn, Pierce did not hold back.
Pierce spoke on his former teammates in Boston: Rajon Rondo, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, and their "weird relationship"... with Ray in particular. "...we'd be having a team dinner and Ray wouldn't show up. We'd go to his charity events but Ray wouldn't show up to someone else's." He went on to mention that he’d called Ray out on it.
Pierce also feels some type of way about the Brooklyn Nets...and he isn't afraid to let you know. He described his time with the Nets as "horrible", due to what he says was a lack of work ethic on everyone except he and Kevin Garnett. “It was just the guys' attitudes there. It wasn't like we were surrounded by a bunch of young guys. They were vets who didn't want to play and didn't want to practice,” stating that the team would have "folded" had it not been for him and KG. He went on to discuss Brooklyn's Deron Williams and how he had previously looked at him as an MVP contender but soon realized different. "I felt once we got there, that's not what he wanted to be. He just didn't want that." Pierce said.
Pierce, who is now with the 5th seeded Washington Wizards, is now looking ahead to the post-season. The NBA playoffs are set to start on Saturday.

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