Really?! Jordan @ 52 can beat LeBron?!

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34% of America feels this way. Smh. I... I just can't. I was alive and can remember almost all of Jordan's greatness, (ironically enough, starting with the shot that killed the Cavs), but this level of fandom needs to end. This mythos surrounding him makes otherwise rational people completely irrational.

Best competitor of all time? Hell ? yeah. But no one can beat Father Time. And to suggest that a 50 year old, even one as talented and competitive as Jordan, can not only only compete, but beat, one of the most physically gifted players of all time, 20 years his junior, is beyond ludicrous. The level of disrespect to LeBron is damn near as bad as white folks and Obama.

The fuckery is getting outta hand now, G.Dammit.