Say the four major sports leagues all got re-aligned based on actual geographical location....

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How much would that affect your sports team? If they did this, the NBA would change a bit. I think it would go:

The East
Atlantic - Knicks, Nets, Sixers, Celtics, and WIZARDS (as DC is closer to Philly, NYC, and Boston than Toronto)
Southeast - Hornets, Hawks, Magic, Heat, and GRIZZLIES
Central - Cavs, Pistons, Pacers, Bulls, and RAPTORS

The West
Northwest - Wolves, Jazz, Nuggets, Thunder, and BUCKS
Southwest - Pelicans, Rockets, Mavs, Spurs, and SUNS
Pacific - Lakers, Clippers, Warriors, Kings, and BLAZERS

That's just an example of what the geographically correct NBA would look like. Would that change your team?