Whitey Arrested for Reportedly Vandalizing His Own Truck with #BlackLivesMatters Message...

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Man Arrested for Reportedly Vandalizing His Own Truck with #BlackLivesMatter Message

A Texas man was arrested by police after reportedly vandalizing his own truck and then blaming it on anti-police protesters.

Scott Lattin, a disabled veteran, told Fox 4 last week that his truck was vandalized by people angry at his “Police Lives Matter” message. Some of it was profane, and one of the vandalized messages read “Black Lives Matter.” His family said about $5000 of damage was done, and there was a GoFundMe page for them that people gave to.

Well, after investigating the matter, Whitney police ended up arresting Lattin because he reportedly vandalized the truck himself.

The police chief said there were discrepancies in the story and called the charge “very disturbing.”

A reporter asked Lattin, as police arrested him, if he did vandalize the truck. He denied it, though the police affidavit says he admitted to damaging the inside of his truck for insurance purposes.