Model Tries to Extort $2,000 From Jaromir Jagr With Post-Sex Selfie, Fails Because He DGAF

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Recently, 43-year-old NHL legend Jaromir Jagr slept with an 18-year-old model. And while that's really NBD—and none of our business—the story took a weird twist and became public knowledge after the girl that Jagr slept with took a picture of him sleeping after the deed was done. The woman—or someone associated with the woman—then threatened to sell it to the media unless he paid $2,000. She was prepared to do what other women have done to pro athletes in the past (hi, Julian Edelman and James Harden!) if he didn't pay up.


Just one problem: Jagr DGAF. Additionally, he's single so he didn't have to try to hide the post-sex selfie from his wife or girlfriend. As a result, he had just one response for the blackmailer when she said she was going to put the photo up on the Internet for all to see: "I don't care."