The Reason Presents : Tha_Bride22 VS aTribeCalledGabi

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Whats hannin, it's your ? boy Goldie and I got a goodie for yall. These are two ladies giving yall bars and and and and and putting on for the culture with a classic battle nahmean. So lets get into it, this is a one round unlimited battle. Make sure yall place yall votes at the end of the battle b.

Lets get it poppin!



> Frequently my Foes ? up and Fall at my Feet
> Fear my Fists cause when I Fight, it’s like I brought a whole Fleet
> Float around the ring -Ali vs Fraizer- defeat
> Forewarning when I Fire off- get Foo-Fopped and retreat.
> Underdog/ Underestimated/ best Under pressure
> U the type that, for some ? , U put your baby in dressers
> U Got that face that make the preacher say, ‘the Lord gonna bless her’
> Understand there’ll be no mercy ? , when I’m the aggressor
> Confident plus I’m Cocky, but still missing a gasket
> Crucified for the Community, they aint have to ask it
> Choke you out for Coughin at my Chronic Clouds when I’m blasted
> Chicago Chick so I’m Crazy – I’ll Cripwalk on ya Casket.
> Known to make a ? Kneel- Knight you with my Katana
> Koi fish lookin ? , I’ll eat you like a pirhana
> Knuckles ? , Knee scraping ? - you wanted this drama
> Keep it up and Imma you how to die with some honor.
> Did you Dare to Disrespect? got me Draggin my thug out
> Destroyed the internet like Ducky there's no getting the bug out
> Dudes rather Drink Dishwater than to Dive in your Doug-out
> ? frown when she's around they be like 'get Da ? out'!!
> Ashy larry Actin broad Always Asking for change
> Assassination of this ? ? Yeah it can be Arranged..
> Acid thrown All in your face while I'm laughing deranged
> All this Action , I'll Admit -not good with verbal exchange.
> The Time for Tough Talk is over now it's Time for the thrash.
> Tie you up in plastic bags my Turn To out the Trash.
> Thinkin I should go easy on This Thot, but I'm gassed. Besides,
> Tomboys with no ? never getting a pass.
> Battling is for the Brave believe I keep my tools handy
> Busted Basic Bish your Blood pumps Butterscotch candy
> Bred Better than ya mama and ya Bald headed granny
> Bride Been the Best to do it, that’s why ? can’t stand me.

> Is you Goldie's toy soldier or are you blowing the Biz?
> I think you really wanna stand while you're taking a ?
> If you on them ? team then I guess It makes sense
> Im giving nursery rhyme bars and Its still too Intense.
> Smacking lips, rolling eyes, and you talking So Senseless
> Slapped the ? out your Soul before you finished the Sentence
> Sent you to hell So I'm Screaming out there is no repentance
> Stupid ? ,Shouldn'tve Slept So hard and now it's good riddance.
> Heaven Help this Hoe if I ever take this to Heart
> Her Holes will need devine Healing once I tear them apart
> Hop a flight and Host a fight club, cause that's what I was taught
> Haymakers thrown, you thought that feelings was the only thing caught?

> Gabi is what we call ? that talk too much.
> Get Grabbed, stuffed inside a Gremlin-
> Gashiki shoved in her gut.
> Give Grace to ? cause he keeps Giving me my enemy’s head
> Guaranteed I’ll use her whole corpse after she’s dead.
> Gotta Gabi-skinned headboard and a Gabi-skulled Goblet
> Gabi-footed house shoes, now I look like a hobbit.
> Gave my hounds Gabi blood and now they’re Greedy for more.
> Got you regretting ever steppin to me- just like before.
> “So what you think about Gabi, Bride?”
> ? DAT BISH,G!!!



Well well we got here?
? I ghosted you a year ago
Since when you appear (a peer)?

But now that you're back, have a seat
I need to teach you a lesson
I wasn't gon do this again
But for you I'll make an exception

When I said I would battle you again I bet you were ecstatic.
Grateful. Flattered.
Pay attention - how many times I gotta ? you til you see your black life don't matter?

Go 'head talk that gun ? again
While I talk everybody through this murder
Like I'm George Zimmerman

? your plans
I don't throw rocks & hide my hands
I want everybody to know who's responsible
Ima do you the opposite of Sandra Bland

You really thought your bars was ? with me?
? please
I cleaned you up top to bottom like a butler
Your ? didn't catch half of what I was throwing up - Jay Cutler

Oh that's right, bride, you from the Chi
Lemme switch it up & bring the fight to you
I'm headed Uptown to my penthouse with the Lake View
I light up to get my mind right
Gotta think this through
Cuz, I got it out for Blood like she bangin suwoo

Caught her ? ass spitting rhymes in Montclare
She lame enough as is, but the ? she was with Armour (are more) Square
Don't have the heart to tell her she can't keep up with the greats
They tolerate your ? cuz they ? with you - Cam'ron capes

I pulled up. Listened to some ? even tho it was a mess
Couldn't take no more. Every bar I couldn't have dug less (Douglas)
Snatched her off the corner
Opened the car door like she was my guest
Threw her ass in the back. Buckled her up next to my tec
Broke out that composition book. Why?
? look closer. My pen game deadlier than any cal you met (Calumet)
My passenger was all outa sorts like Sanaa Lathan driving with Diddy & French

Tools pop
Tupac - How do you want it?
Two glocks
Run you over. Axle ? ya. Un kas
Two to the calves - that's tube socks

Here's where the horror start
A piece of her here, a piece of her there
This is a lost art
For the dumping site - set my sights on Washington Heights
Change of plans - I'm leaving her hind parts in Hyde Park

Oh boy
Lord forgive me for ? my daughter up
Kicked her through the back windshield
Then I hopped out the whip to finish the job like Doughboy

I walked up on her ready to shoot or slice
You pick - Eldridge Cleaver or Ras Kass?
Either way your Soul on Ice
If that ? Elzo try to get the laws involved it's double jeopardy
I can't be tried for the same crime twice


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