Bullpen Battle League "Cold War" Recap

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So last night was John John's battle leagues 2nd card and it went down like this.


- Killa vs. Zig Zag was up first but this battle will probably never see the light of day because they had a huge issue with the mic to begin the night. The battle was decent I edged Killa 2-1, it was 1-1 going into the 3rd but Zig Zag choked.

- Duce vs. Fonzie were up next and this was a good battle but Duce was way too much for Fonzie to handle clear 3-0 in my eyes but it wasn't a body Fonzie was solid. The microphones were an issue again in this matchup but later in the battle they discarded the ? mics.

- Riggz vs D Flamez could be up for battle of the night, at the last event both of them came out with clear victories and they came out looking for more of the same in this battle. In the first both of these ? blacked out but Flamez aggresion left a lasting impression I edged him that in round. 2nd was another slugfest but Riggz had a better round as Flamez started to fizzle towards the end of his. So imo the 3rd is debatable but I edged Riggz he had some dope punches.

- Now to the main events B (Muthafuckin) Magic against Brixx Belvy. Now me and my homies are huge Magic fans so we made sure to get close to the stage to cheer on the homie but we had no idea what was next. Brixx set it off with a dope first and Magic returned the favor with some haymakers. Magic had some ill name flips and imo it started 1-0 Magic despite the fact he stumbled at the end of his first. Now on to the 2nd Brixx was straight but I could see this battle was winnable for Magic but he may have had the worst choke I may have every witnessed, not only in the 2nd but as well in the 3rd. Brixx came with a mean third getting on Magic for his past scraps and getting slammed... (on his muthafuckin' head). That ? hurt watching Magic choke so badly in the last two rounds, I talked to him later in the night, he apologized for the performance but we still rock with the homie, 2-1 Brixx.

- Co-Main Event was Arsonal vs. Syah Boy and this was my pick for battle of the night, only one round, 4 minutes and both of them blacked out. Arsonal had the crowd behind him despite being on Syah's turf, when he did his "I'm in another ? 's face" slogan the crowd was hype. Arsonal was disrespectful as usual blowing smoke in Syah's face and ? but the bars were on point as well. Now Syah didn't come to play either his rounds were bar heavy as well and he brought the aggression that he didn't have in his last bout with DNA. I gave it to Arsonal not just because of crowd control but I felt he was consistently spittin' thru the entire round.

- And lastly another solid battle was the Main Event 2-on-2 between K-Shine & DNA vs. Math & Cortez. So with all the talk about NWX they came and handled biz in ATL in this battle but Math and Cor made it debatable. Fast Foward a bit the first two rounds bars were exchanged and it was 1-1 going into the 3rd. Both came with creative schemes DNA/K-Shine dressed up as chef's and broke down why their opponents don't have the right recipies in their battles. Math/Cor responded with an interesting scheme where they sat down in a pretend car with gun props plotting and scheming on how to catch DNA/Shine slippin. Now it may sound corny with me typing it but the ? was cool they pulled it off I hope the mics picked it up well. But with that said I think NWX's popular duo pulled this one out 2-1.

Sorry for a lack of quotables y'all I was getting right in the venue. FYI PC/Cyssero didn't go down I asked PC what happened he said Cys canceled on ? . I'd give the event a 6/10 just because of the mic issues in the beginning of the night but John John's platform has potential just gotta be more professional but nonetheless solid event.