Be A General Manager For A NBA Franchise

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Something alot of us like to do as fans of a team is to come up with signings, firings, trades, and etc to help out our own teams. But what would you do to help out other franchises? I'm gonna pick a team and you guys are gonna tell how you guys would improve it realistically from a roster standpoint been now and the draft....

Lets see how this goes...

We'll start with the denver nuggets..


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    If I'm the Nuggets I'm praying for the first pick, they aren't a free agent destination they would have to overpay for the Harrison Barnes' if the world, they do have some assets though, I could see them being a player for Cousins if he's available and they wanted him, all depending on what they are willing to part with, say something along the lines of Nurkic/Faried/Harris/Pick then go ahead and overpay for Barnes, resign Gallo and I can see them running a pretty dangerous small ball lineup depending on how good Mudiay can become, haven't watched enough to even have an opinion, but building through the draft is more of a reality, get Nurkic and Mudiay healthy and as many minutes together as possible then a full offseason while keeping Gallo and s couple other vet pieces around, then hope for a high draft pick that can come in and contribute right away
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    If im the nuggets Im trading faried and chandler when I can get the chance