2015 Top 10 battles and awards

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so this is what I have for 2015:

Top 10 Battles:
1) Lux vs Clips
2) Prep vs Th3 Saga
3) Big Kannon vs Mr Mills
4) Ah Di Boom vs JC
5) Daylyt v Ooops
6) Big Kannon vs JC
7) Daylyt vs E. Farrell
8) Conceited vs Dumbfoundead
9) Chilla Jones v Danny Meyers
10) Dre Dennis vs Ah Di Boom

Best performance: Danja Zone (vs Lotta Zay)
Best event: Blood, Sweat & Tiers 2
Best crew: Writers Bloque
Best league: RBE
Battler (and comeback battler) of the year: JC