Black History Month

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How do you feel about it? Do think its pointless or significant to the advancement of the black race in America and for outside races to be educated about our history?

Honestly I have mixed feelings about it. When i was in school, the teachers I had went out of their way to teach us the bare minimum of black history in February. For example: An article on MLK, Rosa Parks, or George Washington Carver would be read to the entire class. Then we would be tasked to write a 1-5 page essay on how the Black hero in that article inspired us. Which looking back was kind of a joke.

I believe black history can only work if people are actually WILLING to research and study black history. Otherwise everybody else is just going through the motions to not look like a racist. i honestly feel that black history month is just one of many bones the white man has thrown us, just to keep us quite.