Brandon Marshall says Jets are 'absolutely' better than Panthers, Broncos

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By Cameron DaSilva
Jan 28, 2016 at 12:28p ET

The New York Jets missed the playoffs this season. The Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos did not. They're also playing for a Super Bowl in less than two weeks, proving they're the two best teams in football.

Yet, despite those simple facts, Brandon Marshall believes the Jets are better than both the Panthers and the Broncos. What?!

He made the somewhat ridiculous statement Wednesday night during his appearance on "The Nightly Show." And understandably, he paid the price for saying it by being pelted with tea bags. Seriously.

Here's how the conversation went with host Larry Wilmore:

Wilmore: "Your Jets team barely missed the playoffs this season. You guys had a really good year. I thought you were going to go a long way. But you didn't. That's alright."

Marshall: "It's not alright."

Wilmore: "I'm sure you'd love to be preparing for the Super Bowl, right? Everybody knows that. Are your Jets better than both teams playing in the Super Bowl?"

Marshall: "Yes. Yes. Absolutely. We missed the playoffs. I mean, you've got to look at it..."

And that's where Wilmore cut him off to ask, "You're better than the Panthers?!" while proceeding to throw "weak tea" at him.

"Listen, it's about who's hot!" Marshall tried to explain.

Wilmore wasn't having it, telling Marshall, "You're not better than the Panthers! I don't even want to hear the rest."

It's safe to say Marshall's claim was debunked by Wilmore. The full exchange can be seen at the 9:48 mark in the video below.

Marshall did get a jab in earlier in the show. He told Wilmore, a Seahawks fan, "Y'all got your butts kicked."

Marshall's "win" didn't last long, with Wilmore responding, "When's the last time the Jets were in the Super Bowl? You were on the Broncos and you're not there and now they're in the Super Bowl."

Maybe Marshall should stick to talking trash on the field, because his late night trash talk didn't go so well.