2016 Cheap Seats OG Baseball League (espn.com)

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Word. We back it bruhs. I wasn't feeling how I went out in the NBA league so it's time to give you ? work and reclaim my spot on the throne.

12 team league (I feel like that might be perfect for baseball right?)

I already sent out 5 invites...to @Chi-Town Bully @toheeb27 @RXMasked @KingHustle @Ibex

@ckfree and @its....JOHN B I need ya to send ya emails so I can send this invite.

@Beta and @Peezy_Jenkins I figure ya ? not ? with it but I'm @'n ya just incase.

Anybody else post up and let me know if ya tryna get a spot.

Draft will be the Sunday the season starts, April 3rd 2016...draft time will be 3pm EASTERN? I think that's about the same time we do all the rest of our drafts..lemme know bruhs