Associated Press Invokes LeBron James Hairline In PreGame Analysis

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(AP) -- - LeBron James once stood in Kyle Lowry's sneakers.

Back in 2007, James, with a much thicker hairline and more hops than he has today, made his first appearance in the Eastern Conference finals and carried the Cavaliers past Detroit and into the NBA Finals for the first time. Nine years, five straight Finals appearances, four MVP awards and two championship rings later, James is again on the doorstep of the league's showcase event.

It's all new to Lowry, one of Toronto's All-Star guards, and the Raptors.

Experience is just one advantage the Cavs will enjoy when they open the East finals Tuesday night against the Raptors, who have scratched their way through two Game 7s in this postseason and are on their deepest playoff run.