Pat Stay vs Hollow Da Don 2 - KOTD Massacre 2

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Pat Stay vs Hollow Da Don 2 - KOTD Massacre 2 23 votes

Pat Stay
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Hollow Da Don
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Lol @ Soulja Fraud
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  • Trillaaaaaa
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    Hollow Da Don
    Pat's 2nd was fire but Hollow got the other 2 rounds
  • freshb651
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    Hollow Da Don
    L O M Boooy
  • The Recipe
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    Hollow Da Don
    I need to watch this again, kind of underwhelming first watch but Im sure I missed some ? on the first watch.
  • Sage Wonder
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    I honestly thought the one rounder was better than this lol this was somewhat entertaining but mostly light on both sides
  • 5th Letter
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    I'm disappointed at Hollow spitting weak bars in this battle. He still won though.
  • DOPEdweebz
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    Hollow the first, Pat got more haymakers in the 2nd, 3rd is debatable based on preference. Kinda leaning on Pat cuz some of Hollows most memorable ? was actually stolen. Kinda lik how people used that against John John ironically vs Hitman
  • gifted
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    Hollow Da Don
    Decent, entertaining battle. Hollow the more fluid, more seasoned, more versatile performer. Close 3-0
  • lookdude
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    Hollow Da Don
    Hollow was dope this battle to me idk what more Yall want he styled on him, had bars, jokes
    Actually one of my favorite hollow performances
  • Logic Last
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    Pat Stay
    I only saw the first battle where Hollow talked about his cellmate getting 20 years. It was tie, but if I had to choose I'd choose Pat. Hollow was corny with the glasses and interview ? and he was corny with the shoulder bump ? .

    Pat Stay was terrible with that Adolf ? line.
  • Logic Last
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    Pat Stay
    Hollow too physically aggressive. A nikka try that shoulder bump with me I'm snatchin his wig. Also look at Hollow face during the mustache jokes. He's trying so hard not to laugh. Hollow is more seasoned with his stage presence and delivery but acts like a bully with it. Pat Stay anticipated race jokes that didn't come so Hollow kinda pulled the ch
    air on that one. Smart.
    Pat Stay came off as less rehearsed. Anybody that say Hollow 3-0 is being subjective because he's black. I'm black too but objective but I still took points away from Stay for that jail Adolf scheme.
    Stay was so smart to anticipate Hollow third round and have a we are the world verse. So ? smart not even funny.
  • Cabana_Da_Don
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    Pat Stay
    Pat is just hillarious.But this is a toss up.´´YOU PROBABLY KISS THAT ? !!!``