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    Cliff Notes

    - He started writing for Diz, Clips, Lux and Mook after Surf Battle.

    - He gets his internet cut off a couple weeks before Battles to eliminate distractions.

    - The Jail ? vs Pat was just bars he had laying around, not necessarily for a battle but it fit that moment.

    - He said he was rusty 1st round vs Surf.

    - Clips came to kick it with him in Orlando 3 weeks before their battle and talked about his gambling habit, Hollow had a gambling angle vs Clips in third but cut it because they were cool and replaced it with the roasting session and that got booed. LMFAO.

    - Tells Total Slaughter story at 48 minute mark. Says he tried to sabotage the battle by taking off his mic before the show. Walked around during Sways introductions, then left during judgement and that he didnt prepare for the battle.

    - Says he has 2 or 3 more battles before he is done battling and wont announce retirement would just walk away.