The War In South Sudan: Statistics

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South Sudan is the world's youngest nation and is currently in the midst of a particularly brutal civil conflict.

Chief amongst the causes of the war is the personal, institutional and tribal rivarly between the President Salva Kiir and Vice President Riek Machar. These two men were enemies leading rival armed groups pre-independence and someone thought it would be a great idea to have them run the country together.

What does the IC know or feel about this conflict?


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    Was watching a short program on that they said United States and China are heavy there business wise South Sudan has a lot of oil China trying to.develop that of course for there greed and United States see that as a threat cause they trying to do there thing would not be surprised if it's a proxy war
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    Kind of messed up the so called Arabs killing them off now they killing each other. South Sudan has a rich history old Nubia or higher Egypt. Long line of great Kings and Queens Egypt got there style from them now look at them