Should Sion be demodded/S2J preys on the disabled

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It Seems as if some moderators are allowed to break the same rules that posters and past moderators were banned for. Like posting others IP address, personal information, etc...if I remember correctly that kinda ? could get you into some legal trouble as well

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& Sion should not be demodded. He is mature and neutral..

I remember this ? it was some year ago


:joy: :joy: :joy: Dude really is a dork

Mmmmm....@sion hangs with warren buffet, you dont have enough clout to call him a dork.

You cant even hang with sion, when sions on his ? ? .

Oh ? , now he a dork defended by a fat ?


You ran from a fight on the internet.

Shut the ? up.

@r.d. asked you to post up many times and you conveniently ducked from the fade.

No one takes your obese ass seriously.

Unlike, you i aint never ran from a fade.

Never happened. Anything else Sams?

? you got a whole thread about it. ? coward.

Yawn. Fight was never scheduled. Just random unscheduled pics taken at the mall.

But you thirsty to see me take a L bc i know what you REALLY see when u look in that mirror fat robbie


? did u eat the vacuum, clean your damn room

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All lives Matter
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Virginia Commonwealth University
Washington D.C. Metro Area :(
would love to recieve an email from me about your activities online. :)
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? props for the good work w the disabled @s2j

lol wasnt he sayin he was trying to ? one of dem disabled broads alil while ago?

:joy: forgot about that. ? trying to take advantage of his clientele smh
If I remember correctly this ? s IC claim to fame was allegedly smashing @Mood Indigo AFTER she had a few I finds out he works with and preys on the I'm wondering if @Mood Indigo was one of his clients, either way


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I love Conflict


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