So.. URL has enlisted bloggers to push this "pay for individual battles" campaign...

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    AngryFans Radio has URL’s Norbes on the show to discuss the concept of leagues asking fans to pay a small fee to be able to watch individual battles online. This concept has been a topic of discussion for the past two to three weeks in the Battle community & has sparked debate on whether fans would be willing to pay OnDemand per battle, which would allow leagues, and URL specifically, to create a new revenue stream to help sustain & grow their business.
    TheWarReport has URL’s Norbes on the show to discuss the GoFundMe campaign he launched asking fans of the Ultimate Rap League to show their support by making a donation. Norbes says he is planning on dropping a blog via URL’s YouTube channel to fully explain the reason for the campaign & what the donations go towards. The Proving Grounds facilitator says that he considers the campaign a social experiment to test how many fans would generally support through donations & it’s intended use would not go towards a particular battle or event. Fans can donate to the live GoFundMe campaign
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    I'm okay with paying for CERTAIN battles (Lux vs anybody, Hitman vs Suge, Tay Roc Vs Nitty, etc.) But I'm not down with just paying to watch anybody. I'm good if I never see some people ever battle again. Url needs to execute this correctly or it will backfire on them. Every battle is not worthy of the consumer spending money. Also the battlers need to get a good percentage of the profit imo. In all honesty they make the battle what it is, good or bad. The league provides the platform, but if the Battlers don't show the battle will be trash (Clips vs Nitty, Hollow vs Pat, etc.) 2 Battlers can have a classic on ANY platform as long as both guys show up (ie Danny Myers vs B Dot, Rex vs ill, ect) With that being said the Battlers deserve a bigger percentage than the league imo.
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    I can see getting fan donations for certain battles like Mook vs Hollow/Surf etc. but how they're describing it hell no.
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    Id pay 1 or 2 dollars maybe even 5 for high profile battles I want to see, as Beasley states we spend money on everything else why not support something we love, how is it going to grow if us as fans are not willing to put some money in the pockets of people that organize events or entertain us, but for this to work ? couldnt take battles off.