NBA Trivia

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Which franchise doesn't have any jerseys retired, never won a championship, or a division title?

Who had a longer NBA career: Darius Miles or Josh Childress?

What is the amount of dollars fined for flopping?

Name three players who won an NBA Finals game with a buzzer beater shot.

Which former NBA player had their credit card declined at McDonald's when buying a Happy Meal?

Name the 5 players with the most points in a game. A player can only be mentioned once, point totals must be included.

From 2005-2007 name the top 3 teams with the highest salary cap.

Which guard holds the record for most blocked shots during the NBA finals?

Name the last player to get multiple four point plays during the same NBA Finals game.

What year did a team score 107 points in a half? Name the team as well.

Feel free to add questions as we go along.