Prophecy of Daniel 11:1-4! Only For those who are watching and praying!

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This is food for thought. I don't agree with everything. But I think he may be on to something with Daniel 11:1-4. Prophecy always has a near and far fulfillment. That is why the destruction of Babylon in the Old Testament was never completely fulfilled. And hence why many of the Old Testament prophecies about the destruction of Babylon will be fulfilled when Babylon the Great is destroyed according to Revelation 17-18. And again the Medes and Persians (modern day Iran) will be the catalyst that brings about her fall. The fall of the West is the beginning of the day of the Lord. Isaiah 13 spells it out perfectly. Don't forget we had the blood moons of Joel 2:31 already happen which was a signal to the world that the Day of the Lord is near. And this year we have the great sign in heaven of Revelation 12 happening during the feast of trumpets which pictures the birth pangs of the tribulation, the tribulation period with the dragon wanting to devour all the seed of the woman, and the catching away of the body of Christ to heaven. Also a month before the great sign in heaven appears the first solar eclipse to sweep across the whole of the USA in 99 years will happen, which will symbolically cut America in half. Remember what Jesus told us in Luke 21:25, "And there will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth distress of nations in perplexity because of the roaring of the sea and the waves." This isn't rocket science. This is called watching and praying so that we will be accounted worthy to escape all the things that are about to come on the earth and stand before the son of man. Just like to see how the Spirit of the Lord is ministering to you about these things. Amen.

Also when you read Daniel 11:5 and on to the end of the chapter you see the first mention of the King of the South and the King of the North along with the Antichrist. All these people appear after the destruction of Babylon the Great! Revelation 17 tell us that it's the 10 kings which destroy Babylon the Great and only after that do they give their kingdom to the Antichrist and are allowed to rule with him for 1 hour. Thus when you see the Antichrist appear in Revelation 13 he appears with 10 crowns on his 10 heads because Babylon the Great has been destroyed! Now it's the kingdom of the beast that is ruling which is dreadful and terrible and has great iron teeth according to Daniel 7. Also Revelation 14 gives us the overview of major end time events. The 3 angel messages declare the order. Revelation 14:6-7 The gospel is preached in all the world is the 1st message which goes with what Jesus said in Matthew 24:14. After that the 2nd angel announces the fall of Babylon which is the beginning of the Day of the Lord. And finally the 3rd angel gives a warning about the kingdom of the beast and the consequences for taking the mark of the beast. The time is short. ? said only the wise will understand these things, but the wicked will never understand. May we be wise in these last days. Amen. And here is another sign of the times for you to read when you have time: