The influx of lightskin basketball stars

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Iverson truly scared the country shitless, lebron my dog , he was never in trouble, Kobe basically white, they made him denounce his family marry a Armenian and speak a different language.. Now it's steph curry with the perfect family n the daughter who doesn't age, Blake griffin might as well be white , Ben Simmons from Australia , lamelo ball half white , Mlay Thompson half white .

If you don't get the gist , the NBA is a diachotomy of white ppl plan. They could extinct soon if they only bred with each other at the rate they can. But with this half white half black breed may become the new dominant society , the NBA will be an all white league by the time whites supposed to be extinct . The only way they can survive is on our backs. So I'm saying to discourage biracial couples from having kids . Black women please step up and start having kids with these half breed basketball stars. That's the only way we can keep up or we will b extinct.

Please don't move thread, use ya head n realize


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